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 You could be the best roofer in town, but if no-one knows about you, you’ll be the brokest roofer in town.

That’s why you need marketing. It gets your business in front of your best prospects. Prospects you can turn into clients.

Roofing marketing is essential to have a vibrant, profitable business. You need it to take your business to the next level, and you need it to have a constant flow of clients so you’re not worrying about money, about how you’re going to pay the bills this week, or how you’ll make payroll.

You need it to have the roofing business you’ve always dreamed of and to have the life you’ve always dreamed of.

And in 2022 you absolutely, positively have to know about digital marketing.

You don’t have to be an expert, but you do need to know the different options and their pros and cons because then you can put your marketing budget where it will do you the most good.

Why Digital Marketing? Why Is It So Good For Getting Great Leads?

It’s because that’s where your hottest prospect are.

When you want to catch bass, you go to the streams and lakes where the bass hang out. When you want to hunt deer you go to the forests where the deer hang out.

And if you want to get more roofing leads, you go online because that’s where your prospects hang out, and that’s where they look fort a business just like yours.

We don’t look in the yellow pages anymore, we don’t check the newspaper ads, we don’t watch TV or listen to the radio to find a roofer. We go to Google. So do your best prospects.

Digital marketing puts your business in front of them when they are actually looking for a roofer.

That’s why you need it.

Done right you could be getting all the leads you can handle either calling you or filling in a form that goes to your email. Your sales people could be talking to red hot prospects every single time, not out banging on doors or leaving hangars on door knobs.

And just so’s you know, door knocking isn’t free. Not unless your time or your staff’s time is worth nothing.

The Other Big Advantage (If You Want To Grow Your Business)

To grow your business you need more and more leads to get more and more clients. That’s where digital marketing is so good. It’s easy to scale!

If you’re doing Google Ads, Facebook Ads or any other paid online ads, when you’ve got them dialed in and working well you can just increase your ad spend.

It’s like having a money machine. Put some money in the front and get even more money out the back. Put more money in, get more money out.

A website can’t be scaled so easily but you can grow it over time to get more and more leads – if you build it right. I’ll talk more about building it right in other posts. There are things you’ll learn even your web designer doesn’t know.

Important things that affect your bottom line.

Roofing digital marketing is much easier and less time consuming than knocking on more doors. Your sales staff can spend more time one on one with great prospects instead of looking for prospects.

And One More Important Thing…

If you don’t use digital marketing yet you will be left behind. Your competitors are using it and your prospects are demanding it. That’s where they go to find anything, including roofers and other contractors.

If your business can’t be found online it will suffer. It’ll be outclassed and beaten by roofers that are online. Their businesses will grow at your expense. Yours will go backwards.

And if you are online, but you’re not getting the results you want, you need to check if you’re doing things right.

Your Roofing Marketing Foundations (And How To Build Them Strong)

Your website is the foundations of your roofing marketing and lead generation. It’s the first place your prospects look when they want to find out about your business.

After all, no home owner is going to spend thousands (or tens of thousands) of dollars without some serious research. And that research includes checking out your business via your website.

Sample Roofing Website

sBut most roofers and other contractors get this wrong because most websites are glorified brochures. “Look at us! Look at what we do! Aren’t we great?” It’s not the most effective way to build a lead generating website.

It’s not the roofers fault. It’s how websites are built because most designers have a background in graphics, nor marketing. But it’s like having your foundations poured by the painter. Not a great idea, it doesn’t matter how fantastic their painting is.

And most websites fail at their 2 most fundamental task: getting found online and converting lookers to leads.

You can use that to your advantage. You can build your website stronger and better than your competition because there’s a better way than the standard brochure website.

It’s called a direct response website (aka direct action website). They’re designed from the ground up to get you leads.

Direct response websites have a call to action on every page so your best prospects know what to do: “Call now for a free consultation and quote”. They show testimonials. They measure everything so you get feedback to improve your site. They do a lot that’s different to the ultra-common brochure sites.

So if your web designer doesn’t know what a direct response website is, or how to build one, talk to a web marketer.

As to the other fundamental task – getting found online – we’ll deal with that further down this page.


And If You Want To Keep Getting Leads From Your Website…

A website isn’t set and forget. It’s like your truck: it needs maintenance and TLC and every so often it needs to be updated or replaced.

After a few years websites can look dated. That’s a black mark against you. Prospects assume your business is old and dated.

And there are other problems too. Things on your website can stop working (like links). Blog posts can need updating. Google’s ranking algorithm can change so your website needs a tweak or even major changes to keep ranking well. SEO might need some work. You might want to add fresh testimonials or more blog posts.

So if your website is a few years old have a good look at it. Check it against your opposition’s. And if it falls short, fix it or replace it.

If you want a steady stream of high quality leads that is.

Website Pros:

  • If its done right it will make you money!
  • Your business gets found online (If you do everything right). This is a huge plus for your business and your income.
  • It gives your business instant credibility. It makes you look more trustworthy.
  • It lets you compete against the bigger guys.
  • It can save you time, answering those questions you’re asked time and time again.
  • It explains all your services.
  • It can make you the roofing guru in your area, the go to guy for your roofing services (if it’s done right)
  • And it can let you stay in touch with prospects who are in the research stage, who may not be ready to buy for a few weeks or months. This is an extra, over and above normal website design but it can pay huge dividends.
  • If you need to update things you can do it easily, not like a business card or brochure.
  • It’s the foundation you build the rest of your roofing marketing on.

Website Cons:

  • You have to get one built, and it will cost quite a few thousand dollars (if you want it built right to generate leads that is)
  • They need to be maintained, just like your truck
  • They need to updated or replaced every few years, just like your truck

How to Get Motivated Eyeballs On Your Website

Your website is no good if no-one sees it.

It doesn’t matter how much it cost, how beautiful it is or how good it is at converting eyeballs to buyers. If no-one sees it it’s a waste of money.

If your website isn’t on the first page of Google for relevant search terms it pretty well doesn’t exist. No-one will ever see it.

That is where SEO comes in.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it’s how you get your website to rank highly in Google.

There’s 2 parts to SEO: on-page and off-page.

On Page SEO

These are the things that happen on your site that helps it rank high in Google. Things like good navigation, fast loading, correct use of meta tags and headings, image optimization and heaps more.

It’s done when your site is built or when you add pages. If your web designer doesn’t do this, find another web designer. If you have to pay more to get it done, it’s an investment in your future. If you want to get loads of roofing leads from your website you need it.

Off Page SEO

That’s everything done off your website that helps you rank highly in Google.

Things like getting quality links from other sites to your site, or getting citations from relevant directories like the online yellow pages.

It’s normally done by SEO specialists, and it has to be done over months or Google will think you’re trying to game the system and will penalize your site. Then no-one will ever find it in the search engines which is the exact opposite of what you want.

When your website is built right and SEO is done right you can have leads and clients coming from your website for years, even well after you finish paying for the SEO services.

Laptop open to Google search engine

SEO Pros:

  • Some SEO is essential so your website can be found by your best prospects
  • There are no ongoing costs after your site is built and you’ve run an SEO campaign
  • It can bring you leads for months or years after it’s done
  • It’s cheaper than paid ad campaigns like Google or Facebook ads

SEO Cons:

  • On page SEO can make your website cost more. It’s extra work over and above just “building a website”.
  • Off page SEO will need a campaign over months, costing anywhere from $500/month to possibly thousand dollars per month for a larger business.
  • It’s slow to work. It can take months to see your website rising in the Google ranks, and you’re paying money every month.
  • Google can change the way it ranks sites (its algorithm) so your ranking drops and your site is harder to find. If your site is built properly though it should weather most algorithm changes and rise back up again.
  • Free listings are getting pushed further down the Google results page under local service ads and paid Google Ads


Seriously though, you need on-page SEO at least. Get it done when you build your site, and when you add pages.

What To Do If You Want Roofing Clients Quickly

(Or if you want to easily scale up the flow of leads)

There’s a problem with SEO.

It takes time.

It will literally take months to see leads and clients flowing through to your roofing business. If you’re lucky, at least 3 months. Possibly 6 months or more, depending on your competition.

Comparatively speaking, using ads is instantaneous.

Here’s a secret for roofers: Google ads work better with roofing than Facebook ads.

Once again, you’d most likely use a specialist to do your Google ads. There’s a lot of moving parts, a lot to learn, and it’s easy to waste a lot of money if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Using ads is an iterative process.

You start off with what you think will work, and improve from there. As time goes on and as your roofing marketer uses feedback to improve the ads, the cost per lead will get lower and the number of leads will increase.

One big advantage of Google ads is that you can scale it. When the ad campaign is working well you can increase the number of ads to get even more clients.

After all, if you could put in $1 and get back $2, $5 or even more, how often would you want to do it?


Google Ads Pros:

  • It’s very quick to get results compared to SEO. You could be getting leads in days compared to months with SEO
  • You can optimize your ads over time to bring your costs down
  • Get it working properly and every dollar in ad spend puts several dollars in your pocket
  • It’s easy to scale and get even more leads once everything’s working properly

Google Ads cons:

  • Once you stop paying, the leads dry up
  • It’s more expensive than SEO
  • It’s complicated. Most likely you’ll need to pay an expert to get the results you want.

One Roofing Marketing Page You Must Have – And It’s Free

There’s one page you really need to have. It’s not on your website but it gives you huge advantages and it’s free. You can set it up yourself or pay someone to do it.

  • This page lets your business appear in the Google local 3 pack, the highlighted set of 3 listings at the top of the google search results page. If you’re listed there and you have a good star rating you’ll be getting heaps of leads. If your business isn’t in the 3 pack, it should be one of your marketing goals.


The Google 3 Pack, highlighted listings near the top of the Google results page

The Google Local 3 Pack.

  • This free page lets your clients leave reviews. Good reviews are powerful in converting lookers into leads.
  • You can get your business in Google maps.
  • It can help your website rank higher in Google – if it’s done right.
  • And it helps you generate trust right from the get go.

If you haven’t guessed by now it’s your Google My Business page (changing its name to Google Business Profile in 2022).

There’s absolutely no reason to not have one, and lots of reasons why you should.

But it should be in addition to your other digital marketing, not replacing it.

How To Get  More Powerful Marketing Secrets

If you want to grow your business I have more marketing tips and secrets for you.

2 of them are so powerful I’ve reserved them for my newsletter subscribers. (The newsletter is totally free, and if you don’t like it there’s an  unsubscribe link in every email.)

The first of these sizzling hot secrets can have prospects seeing you as the guru, the go to roofer in your town, the local expert on all things roofing. The guy they want to fix or replace their roof.

If you think that could have a huge impact on your business and your life you’re right.

The second secret lets you target 10 times more prospects than your competitors.  It can turn lookers into leads days, weeks, or even months after they’ve left your website. And if a storm rolls through town wrecking roofs you could easily get all the clients you could handle with 5 minutes of work.

These secrets are that powerful.

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