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Why do you need a  roofing business website? After all, you could use a Facebook page or a Google My Business page which won’t cost you anything.

It’s a fair question.

Will a website bring enough new clients to pay for itself? Or are you throwing money away?

Should you just get leads the way you always have? Should you rely on word of mouth, doorknocking, Home Advisor…

The short answer is, a website can bring you a constant stream of new clients and it can help you grow your business to the next level. If you want tens of thousands of dollars a month of new business a website is the first step.

You don’t want just any website though. You want a direct response website built from the ground up to be found in the search engines and to turn website visitors into leads. Anything less is a waste of your money.

So here’s a bit more detail on what a website can do for your roofing business.

Get More Clients With A Properly Built Website

When most consumers want a service like roof repairs or replacement they look online. If you don’t have a website they won’t find your business. But they will find your competitors.

BrightLocal found a whopping 90% of consumers used the internet to find a local business in the last year. And 75% of 18-55-year-olds search for businesses online each week.

That’s an enormous percentage of homeowners that won’t find your business if you don’t have a website.

Get More Credibility With Your Roofing Business Website

We’re well into the 2020’s. People expect any serious business to have a professional looking website. And if you’re not a serious business why should they spend their money with you?

Even if you’re recommended by word of mouth or they find out about your business some other way most people will still check out your website before they contact you.

With no website your prospective clients will be wondering if you’re a proper business or a backyarder. They’ll be wondering how big you are and if you’re up to date and competent with your roofing.

They’ll be checking out your competitor’s website.

Have A Higher Chance of Getting Into The Google Local Pack

You really really want your business listed in the Google local pack because it will bring you lots of valuable leads.

The local pack is at the top of the Google results page, directly under Google paid ads and above the organic (free) listings. There’s only 3 spots though so you have to work hard to get your business listed there. It’s worth it though.


A strong roofing business website can help you get listed in the Google Local Pack

According to Moz (one of the gurus of web marketing) 75% of websites in the local pack also have a page one organic (free) ranking. That means your best bet for getting into the local pack is by having a strong website.

And having no website really drops your chances of getting your business in the local pack. Once again your competitors are getting all that business.

You Can Become THE Authority On Roofing In Your Area

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your business’s name mentioned every time someone in your area talked about roofing repairs?

It can happen.

if you have a strong roofing business website with lots of pages that is easily found in the search engines, your business name will be popping up all over the place when homeowners are looking for roofing services or roofing advice. Your business will become well known.

You can become the local authority and the go to guy for any roofing solutions.

Have Pages Dedicated To Each Of Your Services To Get More Leads

This is great for getting found by prospective clients because it’s great for search engine optimisation (SEO) and getting high Google rankings. And you can have multiple pages ranking highly which is good for business.

If a homeowner is searching for “metal roofing Dallas” and you have a page called “Dallas metal roofing” That’s more likely to show up in high Google than a generic page called “Pete’s Roofing”. And the homeowner is more likely to click on it as well.

You can showcase your expertise on that particular service and answer any questions the homeowner is likely to have.

The same with “roofing replacement Dallas”, “gutter replacement Dallas” “hail damage repairs Dallas” and so on.

The more pages your website has the better for your business.

Show Reviews and Testimonials For Even More Credibility And More leads

If you tell everyone you’re the greatest roofer in town, there’s no reason why they should believe you. But if you have lots of other people saying you’re business does great work they’re likely to believe it. And that’s a big part of how homeowners choose who gets their job.

You can put testimonials on all the important pages on your website so your prospective clients can see that your other clients saying your guys do good work, they’re pleasant and professional, they clean up after themselves etc.

It puts you in a better position to land the job.

Save Time By Answering All The Frequently Asked Questions On Your Roofing Business Website

Do you spend a lot of time answering the same questions over and over again? If you have all the answers on your website it will save you and your salespeople a lot of that time. That’s time you can put into more profitable activities.

And by answering questions on your website you smooth the path for website visitors to become leads then paying clients.

A Website Is The Only Online Real Estate You Own And Have Control Over

If your website is built with Worpress you own it and you are in control. (Use a site builder like Wix or Weebly and it’s a different story). You can put out the content and message that’s right for you.

If you don’t like your web host you can move your website to another one. If you want more pages you can add them. If you want special functionality you can add it.

With Facebook, Google My Business and other social media platforms you have to conform to their rules or your account can be suspended or closed down.

Trends change. While Facebook is hugely popular right now, will it still be the best social media platform for you next year or the year after? Will you put effort into building a Facebook following and next year people are moving to a new social media platform?

A Website Can Help You Stay In Touch With People Who Aren’t Ready To Buy Just Yet

Only 3% of homeowners who could use your roofing services are ready to spend money right now.

Another 20%, that’s nearly 7 times as many potential clients, know they have a problem and are actively researching answers. Normally they would visit your website, look at what you have to say, leave and they may never visit your website again.

But if your roofing business website is set up right you can give them the information they’re looking for and get their email address at the same time. Then you can drip feed them more valuable info and case studies every couple of weeks or every month.

When they’re ready to buy your business is at the top of their mind and you have a good chance of getting the job.

This is something you set up once and it works for years.

And if a storm blows through your area and damages roofs you have a whole heap of people you that already know, like and trust you that you can email to saying if your roof has been damaged we can help.

If You Want To Grow Your Roofing Business Or Just Make It Strong And Stable A Website Is Essential.

So there you have it. In the 2020’s consumers expect a serious business to have a professional website.

It gives your business credibility, it can and should bring you clients for years, it can and should bring more money than it costs and it can help you build a list of potential clients that you can keep in touch with until they’re ready to buy.

It just has to be built right, and the best person to build it is an expert marketer, not an expert graphic designer.

Learn the best ways to get more leads from your roofing business website.